Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quilt In Progress At The Machine (2012)

appx 60" x 60"

I began this quilt in December 2008. It has been through many ups and downs with me. I set it aside for quite awhile and have made several mistakes and corrections on it, but it is finally almost finished! : )

Unfinished Item Assortment

Experimenting with large quilt layout
Experimenting with large quilt layout

Large quilt layout, next up after black and color solid quilt

Experimenting with layouts
Color/circle play, still in progress

Bear Claw block
Hawaiian block

Experimenting with layouts

Large top sewn, needs to be quilted

Postcard Quilts for Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) - 200?

4” X 6”

These were fun to make. More information about AAQI at http://www.alzquilts.org/postcard.html



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Around the World 1 - 2009

appx 19” X 19”

I made this wall-hanging using batiks and machine-quilted in the ditch using cotton thread. It was made for a charity auction.

Other layouts I worked on in this design:

Monochromatic Blue - 2007 or 2008

appx 60” X 60”

This is a quilt I made to practice 9 different 9-patch block designs I had not tried yet. I used a mixture of Kona cotton and flannels. The backing is all flannel. The batting is high-lofy polyester and it was machine quilted in the ditch. It is a very warm quilt. It was given to an old friend.

Colors and Curves - 2006

appx 18” X 24”

This is a wall-hanging I made using batiks, Wonder Under, Heirloom cotton batting, and black muslin backing that is sewn to front.  I don't like using any glues in quilts, but for wall-hangings fusible can be fun to use and gives you more freedom with design. I machine-quilted this using black cotton thread.

Some close-ups:

Puffy Pastel Baby quilt/pad - 2005

appx 36" X 48”

I made this quilt using flannels and a soft cotton backing with a sweet animal print. It is tied using embroidery thread and I used high loft polyester batting and made a huge puffy wrap-from-back binding. It's not the flattest quilt I've ever made, but it was soft and cozy. I donated it to a family in 2011.